Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Baby Aresya Damia Binti Mohd Safrul Alam

Full Name :

Aresya Damia Binti Mohd Safrul Alam. but generally i have many odd names. Ayah called me sya-sya..atok abah called me pokye...i'm not sure what it means. But mama tok usually said, atok abah has always recite and repeat this same 'old word' since mummy was still a baby. tak berubah2...aunty su, kak fifi and mummy called me ari...umi tok ....arissa..ish..nie dah macam nama org lain dah nie umi tok...n kakak..called me..airesyah ....airesyah??huh .No matter what.. I am delighted to be part of the family!

Date of Birth :
26th May 2009. yee..yee... now i'm 3 months old . there is not much i can do but to throw sweet smiles to impress and bring laughter to them.

Place of Birth:
Ipoh ...thank you very much to Dr.Raofah and all the ISH staffs for being so good and all the undertakings...starts from mummy having contractions till the vary day to say goodbye .

Weight :
6 kg..ayah said.., this is the only way to help mummy to bring back her bodyshape . meaning..... mummy doesn't need anymore treadmill, eliptical or other exercise equipments.so...its so simple and practical......without hesitate .....just carry me all over the place at all times. Happy and lucky to have such a caring parent ..cayok mummy!..hehehhe

Hobbies :
Crying...crying...and keep on crying ..During my cik wa's engagement ceremony, my atok teh (mummy's uncle) was telling that i might be 'disturbed' by syaitan or iblis that always belingering around me.. he asked mummy to recite few verses of the AlQuran . Alhamdulillah, mummy doesn't fail to do so and lately, i dont cry much like before anymore..thanx mummy.. luv u so much!

Favourite food/drink :
Do i have the option? no choice laa..except breastfeeding!.. mummy said..its soooo good for me. that's why mummy took me to achik wah's house..she acclaimn easy for her to come over and breastfeed me too.huh..( pls tell mummy preferbly that i am not willing to stay anylonger at achik wah's house. all this while I've to wake up as early as 7 am everyday!! )

but....mummy promises when i grow up ( 7 or 8 months.) she will dish delicious food like nada firas mommy's did ......mummy forgoten the name..ermm..actually the ingredients too!!!.heheh...su yanti, hope you drop down few tips and teach mummy the proper way to cook .sshh....everybody knows that mummy is not a great cook...'goreng ikan' can laa... haihhh!

Things that i like :
oohh..of course laa when ayah carry , kiss and hug me..though ayah has no 'tilam dunlop' like mummy..but i feel so 'syokkk'..make me feel sooooooo........ comfortable...!

Things that i dislike :
milk from the bottle!!!!but mummy said i had too.. i think it's wise for mummy to stay home rather than working and babysitting me to achik wah's house...ohh..what a good idea! but... i don't think so, 'cos she has the responsibility to settle her outstanding MARA loan..huh..what a pity!

Likewise,i was telling ayah su everything that happened when he wasn't around..but its really unfair when saying..."adik cakap apa ni..ayah su x faham laa" huhuhu..so heartfeeling.. penat tau! . patut laa kakak n kak fifi always said to him "ayah su notti..notti..notti!"..mmg pun..notti!

Note for kakak n kak fifi :
Wait for me..i'll be part of your group soon.. i think.mummy n ayah will be more 'pening kepala' taking care of the "Three Damias".

ok..thats all about me i think...psstt..blogging is quite hard for me.. of course to keep this entry simple yet interesting is a trail of 'head-cracking' . Mind my english..heheh.., i'm sorry with my 'tonggang langgang ayat'. like kakak always sing this song...

rasa sayang hei rasa sayang sayang hei.....

buah cempedak di luar pagar,
ambil galah tolong jolokkan,
saya budak baru belajar,
kalau salah tolong tunjukkan..

hehehehe..alright... almost 10pm..bedtime! bye-bye

With Loves ;
Aresya Damia